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SmartController: Peer-to-peer for creating smartphone controllers

SmartController provides an easy way of turning a smartphone into versatile controller. Recommended to use with Google Chrome or Firefox.

How it works

1. Include SmartController

Simply make a new SmartController object on your website. The connection and data will be handled automatically.

2. Display the QRcode

Show a QRcode with the matching controller on your website for smarthphone to connect to. You can use one of the provided controllers or make your own!

3. Control the website

Use the incoming data from phone to interact with PC browser.


Tiny Platformer

Tiny platformer game with NES controller. Collect the gold coins and jump on the enemies to beat the level.
Try the tiny platformer

3D racing

3D racing game controlled with phone joystick. Use the joystick to steer, brake and jump. How many points can you score before the time runs out?
Try the 3D Racer

Physics simulator

A physics simulator created with Matterjs. Use the touchpad to select and stack blocks.
Try the physics simulator